SSG Software Systems Private Limited


GSTGSS- Free Trial Software for 35 days

It was just another mundane day. I thought of going for a walk when my neighbor Jack who owned a retail shop was busy lingering around. So I stopped him and asked what is the matter.

Jack told me that he required billing software for his retail shop but he could not find proper software so that he could try first and then buy. I immediately told him about the GSTGSS free trial software which he could use for 35 days and then once he is comfortable with its functions he could purchase it.

I told him to download and install the software. Since I knew GSTGSS is a GST compliant, shareware software, as well as there, are several features which are inbuilt and Jack would love this software.

The very next jack came to my house and thanked me for recommending this wonderful software, he was very happy to use it as per his needs.