Find HSN / SAC Codes & GST Rates for your goods & services

While selling - No business person can remember which item is with forward tax and which item is with reverse tax. It is impossible for a selling executive to remember which item has what HSN or SAC code, what is the percentage of GST ?. Our software makes life easy for the Sales Executive by storing HSN and SAC related all details first and then attaching the item with the HSN or SAC - so that the Sales executive need to just select the item - rest all will be done by the internal logic of the billing software.
Benefits :

  • GSTGSS claims that it is GST compliant all the GST laws are implemented in the coding.

  • Keeps your business GST Compliant

  • In order to minimise errors while filing GST returns, its important to know the right HSN code for the product or service you are selling. GSTGSS can automate most of these things and can help you to reduce the manual errors.

  • Easy to use, Accurate for billing, Inventory and Accounting features

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