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Let's get vaccinated!!

I was washing my hands, spectacles and the 6 layer masks with foamy soap and my 12 year old lovely daughter was watching me, with great attention, I was sure. Without moving head, I asked "So, mini security officer, got any fault with me? " The head security officer of my home is her mother.

She did not care for the taunt and said, "Can I ask you some questions? " "Sure inspector, I will oblige to answer them with great honesty"

She said, "That is a good commitment, I appreciate it. I have observed several times that you do not stick to 20 seconds as advised by the Doctors" I shrugged "your TV doctors".

" Yes Pappa", she continued, " If some of the Corona viruses are not dead yet, they will be flown through the sewage and in many places, they will mix with the ground water, which we are bringing back through borewell to our tank to wash our face inside and outside"

The little lecturer continued, " It is not only you, lakhs of people are doing the same thing, in creasing the population density of corona in sewage and ground water. Can there be some truth in it? " Without understanding the consequences, I supported her, "may be".

" Well", she paused, "that means, no one can escape from Corona, if not Vaccinated" "True" - again I had to agree. She rushed to her mother to report, most probably, she wants to have a define schedule of vaccination of each and every member of our family, including the house maid.