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Automatic Crosschecking of gstr1 & gstr3b

It was a rainy day. I came for shopping with my daughter. After purchasing necessary items we went to the billing section. I saw the manager yelling at them because of some issue which I didn't understand.

So I directly asked the manager what was the issue and why he was yelling at them. So he told me that tax officers were irritating him and also scolded him for not maintaining the tax return documents.

He also added that there were several mistakes and he had to crosscheck by himself and it was time-consuming as he had other jobs to do.

I was really sad for him. Without wasting his time I suggested GSTGSS Software. Since I was already using GSTGSS software and it had the function of crosschecking all the file returns gstr1, gstr3b and I was 100% sure that GSTGSS would solve the manager's problem.