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GSTR-1 filed report is an important input for users to know the filing status. GSTGSS Software automatically crosschecks GSTR1 as well as GST3B. GSTR1, GSTR3B and EWayBill can be uploaded from GSTGSS – saving you the fee payable to a third party to create JSON format file and then upload

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Use this software so that a business person from anywhere in India can use GSTGSS in his/her own language while preparing Invoice OR Purchase order or Delivery Challan or packing list. GST Laws are implemented so that the business person does not make a mistake out of ignorance. Our Software Code is Pre-Scanned by AVAST Anti-Virus (Licensed Version) and each Application is VeriSign Signed Shareware 35 days of ‘No-Obligation’, fully functional, single user, Anti-Malware scanned and Symantec code certified free trial to try before you buy.

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