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Advance Ruling In GSTGSS

It was a busy day at my office. I was literally tired and heading towards my home. On the way, I met my childhood friend Laksh and I was very happy to meet him after 25 years.

So we thought of going out for dinner and so that we can spend some time. At the restaurant, we were recollecting our old memories and enjoying our dinner while Laksh asked me to suggest a billing software that had an advanced ruling mechanism implemented for his new retail business.

Obviously, I suggested GSTGSS software since it has the feature which Laksh was explaining and also its other inbuilt functions/features which would definitely make his business grow.

So he agreed. After two days he called me back and to my surprise, he had already started using the software and also had recommended it to his friends.

I was much satisfied because I had given him the right suggestion.