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Customer Certificate

Customer certificate


Terry Sherman, Vice President

Terry Sherman Profile Terry A. Sherman, CFA, CFP® First Vice President- Wealth Management Chartered Financial Analyst CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER(tm) Morgan Stanley Wealth Management 301 Congress Ave. Suite 1400 Austin, Texas

I continue to be very impressed with Ace Contact Manager- I have been a user since the original days of Biz Base. The functionality and comprehensiveness of the product is superior to my own company's CRM software.

Ellery Kurtz

Ellery Kurtz, AAA Certified Member, Appraisers Association of America Godel & Co.Inc .

The new ACE v 7.1.5. is working well. I like that the attachments has been added. Thanks again. I have just updated to 7.1.5 on two of my three computers and will do the same on my home pc tomorrow. It was nice to be able to upgrade without having to re-register.

Art Jiles

Art Jiles Broker Associate at Coldwell Banker Select (Real Estate) Tulsa, Oklahoma Area, US

As usual, you have placed on the market an excellent update plus making ACE7 even more enjoyable to use! keep up the GREAT work!

David Mickelson

David Mickelson - President at Greenwich Research Inc. Greater New York City Area

Well said, Sabya. You have a great product here.

Ernest Franklin

Ernest Franklin CPA - President / Owner at Tax & Financial Services, LLC Metter, Georgia

Yes, this is an excellent product. I have been using it for over 10 years.

Art Jiles

Art Jiles Broker Associate at Coldwell Banker Select (Real Estate) Tulsa, Oklahoma Area, US

You had a very steep hill to climb from the beginning and YOU have made Ace what it is today! A program that is reliable and does 99% of everything YOU said it would do and that is a huge step forward for YOU! I have stayed with you because of your attitude to make ACE work.

My reputation as a Realtor and with a vast knowledge of what Realtors want in a program to keep track of their present, past and future clients, made my decision to not recommend ACE before, but now that I have put ACE through its' paces, ACE7.1.84 seems to be exactly where it needs to be in performance and reliability.

Even you have to admit that ACE came to you with many bugs and a platform that was not reliable, BUT YOU and your Team, have changed all of that and turned ACE into what it is today! For that, I, and ALL the users of ACE, say THANK YOU!

Ellery Kurtz

Ellery Kurtz, AAA Certified Member, Appraisers Association of America Godel & Co.,

I just finished the download of 7.1.84 on my desktop at home and that went fine. So I am up to date on all my pcs now with this latest version. Thank you again for your assistance. I always tell people about ACE7 and how I use it to help me in my business. Who knows ? maybe on day someone will listen to me and buy your program. I always tell them that the personal support you provide is outstanding ? just try getting that from ACT or any other large software company!!! You can not.

Judy Williams

Judy Williams,

With regard to the ACE upgrade, I like it a lot.

Good Things:

The colors are great - I would get really tired after looking at just gray for hours every day - the blue/gray is much better, and more restful to my eyes.
The reminder screen is a big help. Last Tuesday, I was able to see just what accounts I needed to go back to after I had done my backup. The calendar is better - it indicates the day it is, not the day you already have an appointment on. Also very good that it won't let you plan 2 appointments for the same time. Nice that I can add pictures of my customers if I want to.

I'm sure I'm going to find a lot more advantages as the days go by.


It's full of info, and the info is easy to get to. When I have a question, I'm sure I'll find my answers here

You make it easy to access support - a lot of companies do their best not to help.

Thanks again, Sabya!

Carl Mittelstadt

Carl Mittelstadt

It worked like a charm. There are 4 databases, two of them EvCo Main. I only need the EvCo. Can I delete the others? Thanks for all your help! Use me as a reference, any time. Kind regards.

Nick Henley

Nick Henley
Trustee The Henley Trust.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish you and your team a happy new year. Thank you for informing me about the Ace 7 release which I have successfully installed. I can confirm the problem in creating a new index has been fully resolved. Thank you once again for your professional support in resolving this problem.

 Kevin J. Barnes

Kevin J. Barnes
Office Manage Charlotte Data Entry Center, Inc.

I recently contacted Ace Team for some technical assistance . . . I was put in touch with Noreen . . . I truly wish that there were more people like Noreen in positions that have to deal with customers. Noreen was more than helpful, extremely friendly and handled my concerns with an attentiveness and genuine concern that was uplifting considering today's cold "Non Customer Service" oriented society. Noreen is certainly an asset to Ace

Michael Fred

Michael Fred
PresidentAmerican Caging, Inc.

Over the past five years, I have spent many thousands of dollars with many different vendors building up my business. There is not one vendor who can even come close to the superior service you provided during installation.

Gary Kilvinger

Gary Kilvinge r
Firstar Bank

You guys are great!! Your support and follow-through have been terrific. Please accept our thanks for all of your customer-oriented support.

Judy Williams

Judy Williams,

Sabya, It works! I'm back in! thank you so much! you have been so good to me today. You deserve a raise! Thanks again!

Edmund Hevener

Edmund Hevener
Highland Data Services

Ace Teams down-to-earth approach and personal attention, coupled with the versatility of the Unibase software, led to HDS choosing Unibase for its new facility. Installation, training and initial format programming all went precisely as promised, allowing HDS to meet all of its startup and production targets.

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