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GSTGSS- GST Complaint Software

I met my friend Laxmi after a long time. My friend Laxmi is a women entrepreneur, for which I’m very proud of. Laxmi is a kind of business women who don’t have any MBA to her name but has will power to do something big.

She was returning back to home when we met. We talked for a while and enquired about her business for that she told “Business is going well, but I’m finding difficulty in using billing software”.

Laxmi’s business is still growing and has a limited budget to spend, So she is working with limited staff handling Accounting and other important things by herself. Laxmi said “I often make mistakes while accounting, Since the current billing software requires most of the things to enter manually.”

I understood her because I know that it is hard to implement GST laws for an entrepreneur like her who doesn’t come from anything related to business background. It is obvious that I suggested to use GSTGSS billing software to my friend.

Since I know that GSTGSS is a billing software that fully implements GST law in it and it doesn’t allow its user to make mistakes. Whether it may be by entering HSC/SAC code from pre-listed view or by linking correct GST rate to the item, GSTGSS does it all.

Laxmi is now a happy business women with a will to grow further. Hope GSTGSS will help more entrepreneur like her.