ssglogic has been established on 3rd Macrh 1997 by Mr Sabyasachi Gupta.

ssglogic is a Specialist in Offshore / Outsourced project management,engagement management,quality management and consultancy for web-enabled applicationdevelopment.

Our area of specialisation includes client-server business application ,web enabled business application,migration of software applications,RDBMS based applications

Some of ssglogic products are given below.

  • Ace Contact Manager.
  • Stockist Management System.
  • Customer Relationship Management.
  • Shipping Bill.
  • Hall Booking.
  • Knowledge Management Software(SSG-KM).
  • Document Management Software.(SSG-DMS).
  • Intelligent Digital Surveillance System called SSG-IDSS for Banking and other sectors.
  • Asset Risk Control Software for Banking Sector with KYC, Basel-II recommendations, Risk Control and MIS called SSG-ARC.
  • Enterprise Supply Chain Software (SSG-ESCM) for Manufacturing and Health care.
  • MIS Software for Data Migration, Consolidation, Dynamic Reporting in Banking Sector called BANKMIS.

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